The Final Resolution of the participants of the Belarus Democratic Forum

We, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, are representatives of the people of Belarus, and we represent various political forces, public associations, initiatives, experts, scientific and business communities, and civil organizations.

Taking into account that

  • The sovereignty of Ukraine, the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its inviolability within internationally recognized borders is an indisputable fact.
  • Alexander Lukashenka and his accomplices had illegally seized and forcibly restrained the power in the Republic of Belarus, concludes the Victor Gonchar Commission, further stating that they allowed the Russian Federation, as a result of many years of consistent expansion, to complete the process of de facto occupation of Belarus in 2022.
  • Only the people of Belarus can restore the sovereignty of the state and establish its rule of law.
  • The actions taken today by the representatives of Belarusian democratic community for the deoccupation of the Republic of Belarus in the foreseeable future cannot be acknowledged as sufficient.

We express our unanimous opinion that:

  • The actions of the occupation regime of Lukashenko, aimed at building long-term cooperation with the aggressor country, consist of international terrorist activities and war crimes. They pose a blatant threat to the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, its neighboring countries, and the entire global community.
  • Criminal and inhuman actions of the Lukashenko regime, aimed at violent suppression of democratic rights and freedoms in the Republic of Belarus, bring terror and genocide to the Belarusians, and make lawful change of power as a result of democratically held and internationally recognized elections impossible.
  • The need is long overdue to put aside all disagreements among the independent democratic community of Belarus and reformat their activities towards the common cause, to overthrow the Lukashenko regime by the people of Belarus. This goal we deem achievable through the creation of The Forum of Democratic Forces that assumes the responsibility for uniting and coordinating the efforts of representatives of various organizations, institutions, diasporas, initiatives and other forms of civil society of the Republic of Belarus. The organizing committee for its creation will be formed based upon the result of the current Forum, and it will include various working groups (see Annex 1 to this Resolution).
  • Official representatives of the Forum of Democratic Forces in Ukraine should be authorized to coordinate the effort to combat the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, which establishes and maintains an illegal, criminal, and dictatorial regime in the Republic of Belarus, using the territory of our state as a foothold for large-scale aggression against Ukraine.

We invoke all the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and other people not indifferent to the situation in the Republic of Belarus and agree with the basic principles (see Appendix 2 to this Resolution):

  • To unite for the purpose of de-occupation of the Republic of Belarus, by eliminating the illegitimate regime of Lukashenko, completely subordinate to the occupation regime of the Russian Federation. To return the right to elect power to the people of Belarus and create an independent, free, and democratic Belarus.
  • To support the initiative of the Forum that acts on democratic principles and in open, free, and public dialogue, and to participate in the formation of a new association of civil initiatives, groups, public organizations, and parties.

We invoke foreign states and international organizations to:

  • Recognize the occupation of the Republic of Belarus by the Russian Federation and provide financial, military, informational, political and other necessary assistance to the people of Belarus, who have the right to revolt against the occupation regime, which illegally seized and holds power in the country. The purpose is to restore the full sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus and eliminate threats to the global community.
  • Recognize Lukashenko's regime as terrorist and accomplice in war crimes, with all the ensuing consequences.
  • As soon as it is possible, create an international tribunal to investigate crimes against humanity and the genocide of the Belarusian people, committed by the occupation regime of Lukashenko in the Republic of Belarus, in order to bring all perpetrators to justice.

Adopted at the Belarus Democratic Forum on 17 May 2022