Appeal of the participants of the Belarus Democratic Forum to the people of Ukraine and the international community regarding military aggression by the Russian Federation

We, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus - a country that has centuries-old good-neighbourly ties with Ukraine. We are feeling pain for the tragedy of Ukrainian people, the tragedy caused by the military aggression of Russian Federation. We offer our condolences to all the citizens who suffered from the war in Ukraine and lost their loved ones.

Taking into the account that:

  • Mr. Lukashenko A.G. And his accomplices have illegally seized and are forcibly holding power in the Republic of Belarus. This allowed Russian Federation in 2022 (after many years of expansion) to accomplish the process of actual occupation of Belarus
  • On the 24 February 2022, the Russian Federation, in violation of international obligations and agreements, committed an act of large-scale military aggression against Ukraine. The territory of the occupied Republic of Belarus was used for this aggression.
  • Ukraine, being a sovereign state and the subject of international relations, is conducting a fair struggle to maintain independence and restore its territorial integrity.

We strongly condemn:

  • An act of treacherous aggression, committed by the Russian Federation against the sovereign state of Ukraine.
  • Inhuman crimes that were committed and are continue been committed by Russian armed groups in Ukraine.
  • The complicity of the puppet, criminal regime of Mr. Lukashenko A.G. In the military aggression of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine.

We therefore declare:

  • Our solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The willingness of Belarusians for a joint struggle with the Ukrainian people against a common enemy - the chauvinistic regime of Putin, who usurped power in the Russian Federation and uses it to implement Russian imperial aspirations for the colonization of our countries using criminal, inhuman methods.
  • On behalf of the people of Belarus we call on the international community:
  • To provide Ukraine with comprehensive financial and military assistance with the aim of completely restoring the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine within the international recognized boundaries, including ensuring the stability of the country's economy for the period of hostilities and providing it with all the necessary weapons, including a heavy offensive.
  • To strengthen political and economic pressure on the Russian Federation and its puppet regime in the Republic of Belarus up to the introduction of the maximum possible financial and economic embargo, including the complete disconnection of their financial institutions from the SWIFT international banking system, the termination of trade relations, the arrest of all assets of subjects involved in aggression for subsequent compensation for damage caused.

Adopted at the Belarus Democratic Forum on 17 May 2022