Political slavery. NDA of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's Office

2.2. The Volunteer undertakes to keep Confidential Information during the validity of the Voluntary Activity Agreement and for 10 (ten) years after the termination of the Voluntary Activity Agreement.


2.4. / ... / A volunteer has no right to share Confidential Information even with other volunteers, OST employees or other persons, even if they have the right to know such information, if there are no instructions from the OST to use Confidential Information in this way.


2.6. The Volunteer, regardless of whether Confidential Information was entrusted to him or otherwise became known, is obliged to obtain the prior written consent of the OST for any exception regarding compliance with confidentiality obligations under this Agreement.


2.7. If the Volunteer has any doubts about whether certain information is Confidential information, the Volunteer should treat such information as Confidential information until the OST confirms in writing that the relevant information is not considered Confidential Information.


2.10. During the validity of the Voluntary Activity Agreement and for 10 (ten) years after the termination of the Agreement, for any reason, a Volunteer may not make public statements about OST without the prior written consent of OST.






3.1. The Volunteer confirms that he agrees, understands and acknowledges that any violation of the terms of this Agreement will cause material and (or) moral damage to OST.


3.2. The Volunteer must reimburse all losses incurred by OST for each violation of the Agreement. By agreement of the Parties, the minimum amount of damages that does not require proof is 30,000 (thirty thousand) euros. These losses must be covered by the Volunteer within 30 days of receiving the OST claim. Compensation does not release the Volunteer from the obligation to maintain confidentiality in accordance with with an Agreement.