Third letter to V.A. Astapenko, head of the office of Democratic Belarus in Brussels, asking for premises

To the Head of the Mission of Democratic Belarus in Brussels V.A. Astapenko

On providing premises for the event

Dear Mr. Vladimir Arkadyevich!

With regard to the official opening of the Belarus Democratic Mission in Brussels we ask you to provide premises for the 3rd Forum of Democratic Forces in Belarus and invite you to join the programme committee for the event. The main topics of the Forum will be the development of parliamentarism in Belarus, organization of online-referendum and elections of the representative body of the people of Belarus. Politicians, representatives of the civil society, science, business, expert community, and the Diaspora are invited to participate, regardless of their citizenship, political views, religious beliefs, or social status. The Forum of Democratic Forces of Belarus is a public platform for searching ideas and working out proposals on various issues of public, economic and political development of the State. The Forum activities are based on the principles of dialogue and free expression. The Forum is open for participation by citizens of the Republic of Belarus, governments of foreign countries and the international community regardless of political views, religious beliefs or social status. Two Forums of Democratic Forces of Belarus took place in May and July 2022 in Warsaw and Berlin, attended by politicians, representatives of civil society, science, business, expert community, diaspora, etc. We hope that the Mission will be a place - not in words, but in deeds - for all those who fight for human rights, freedom and independence in Belarus, and will be available for organizations and initiatives that also want change. Sincerely, Organizing Committee

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