Letter to the President of Zimbabwe

January 30, 2023

His Excellency, E.D. Mnangagwa

President of Zimbabwe

Dear President Mnangagwa,

We, representatives of political parties, organizations, movements and initiatives representing the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the state-founding state of the United Nations, participants in the “Forum of the Democratic Forces of Belarus”, representing the people of Belarus and operating on the basis of Jus Resistendi, demand to stop any contacts at all levels with the criminal group of Lukashenko behind the back of Belarusian people. We draw your attention to the following aspects of the above negotiations and related actions.

Citizen Lukashenko A.G. and his accomplices illegally seized and forcibly hold power in the Republic of Belarus, according to the conclusion of the Commission of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus of the XIII convocation. Citizen Lukashenko A.G. is not a legitimate president of Belarus and he does not have the right to represent the country. This is a fact confirmed by numerous evidence recognized by an international community.

Citizen Lukashenko A.G. is the head of the criminal group. He and members of his organization can represent only themselves. They are not subjects of international law and cannot be connected by international obligations.

Over the past three years, more than fifty thousand people have been repressed for political reasons in Belarus, which was recorded by international organizations. Over one and a half thousand citizens are in prisons for political reasons, hundreds have already been sentenced to long term. Several dozens of people were killed by representatives of the Lukashenko regime. Lukashenko’s criminal group amended the legislation providing for the death penalty allegedly for preparing for the crime and far - fetched attempts to commit terrorist crimes. As a result, about a hundred citizens can be executed in Belarus for their political views.

The criminal group of Lukashenko publicly threatens the abductions and the elimination of political opponents in other countries. Human rights in Belarus are rudely violated. In the country, the legal system has been destroyed and arbitrariness reigns.

Lukashenko acts like a crook. He makes deals on behalf of Belarus and fails to fulfill his obligations to foreign countries. In particular, he stole over a billion dollars in Venezuela, which has not yet been returned to the people of that country.

Any agreements made with citizen Alexander Lukashenko will be null and void in the future. The Zimbabwean government should be aware that it assumes all risks when entering into any agreements with this citizen and his representatives. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on this issue.

With respect,

Organizing Committee 

Forum of the Democratic Forces of Belarus