On the inadmissibility of any negotiations with the criminal group of Lukashenko

H.E. Mr. António Guterres

Secretary-General of the United Nations       8 June 2022



Dear Mr. Secretary-General,


We, representatives of political parties, organizations, movements and initiatives representing the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the state-founding state of the United Nations, participants in the “Forum of the Democratic Forces of Belarus”, representing the people of Belarus and operating on the basis of Jus Resistendi, demand to stop any contacts at all levels with the criminal group of Lukashenko behind the back of Belarusian people. We draw your attention to the following aspects of the above negotiations and related actions.


According to The Wall Street Journal of May 19, 2022 and the BelTA information agency dated June 3, 2022, was distributed information that the highest representatives of the United Nations were negotiating with representatives of Alexander Lukashenko. The topic of negotiations was the proposal of citizen Lukashenko A.G. to organize the transit of Ukrainian grain through the territory of the Republic of Belarus to the ports of the Baltic countries in order to mitigate the food crisis.


Citizen Lukashenko A.G. And his accomplices illegally seized and forcibly hold power in the Republic of Belarus, according to the conclusion of the Commission of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus of the XIII convocation. This allowed the Russian Federation as a result of many years of expansion to accomplish the actual occupation of Belarus in 2022.


Since 1996, citizen Lukashenko A.G. is not a legitimate president of Belarus and he does not have the right to represent the country. This is a fact confirmed by numerous evidence recognized by an international community.


Citizen Lukashenko A.G. is the head of the criminal group, organized on the model of drug cartels. He and members of his organization can represent only themselves. They are not subjects of international law and cannot be connected by international obligations.


Since 1996, the criminal group Lukashenko has been a partner organization of the Kremlin, and since 2022 it has been the occupation administration of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Thus, the criminal group Lukashenko is not the subject of law and acts exclusively in the interests of the Russian Federation.


Without the participation of the Lukashenko’s regime, the strategic and tactical situation around the conflict of Russia and Ukraine would be different and the act of aggression would




be unlikely. This would not only save many thousands of human lives, but with a high degree of probability would not lead to a grain crisis and a threat of hunger.


Over the past two years, more than fifty thousand people have been repressed for political reasons in Belarus, which was recorded by international organizations. Over one and a half thousand citizens are in prisons for political reasons, hundreds have already been sentenced to long term. Several dozens of people were killed by representatives of the Lukashenko regime. Lukashenko’s criminal group amended the legislation providing for the death penalty allegedly for preparing for the crime and far - fetched attempts to commit terrorist crimes. As a result, about a hundred citizens can be executed in Belarus for their political views.


The criminal group of Lukashenko publicly threatens the abductions and the elimination of political opponents in other countries. Human rights in Belarus are rudely violated. In the country, the legal system has been destroyed and arbitrariness reigns.


The people of Belarus have exhausted all means to force the criminal group Lukashenko to comply with the social contract and observe natural human rights. As Ultima Ratio, the people of Belarus, in the person of the signatories, realizes their natural right to an uprising and through it legitimise any actions aimed to remove the Lukashenko’s group from power and thus restoring the primacy of human rights and primacy of the law.


From the foregoing it follows that:


The only goal of negotiations pursued by citizen A. Lukashenko is to relieve sanctions and to restore financial flows that feed the criminal activity of his regime. Discussing the conditions of grain transit from Ukraine through Belarus by the leadership of the United Nations in exchange for suspension of sanctions against the Lukashenko’s regime, is a demonstration of the connivance policy and encouragement of illegal activities.


Negotiations with the criminal group of Lukashenko in any form encourage other criminal groups to similar actions. Negotiations of international organizations with criminal groups turn them into subjects of international law. This leads to the destruction of the existing system of the world law and order. The connivance to the Lukashenko group has already led to war in Europe and threatens to lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the world.


The opening of transit through Belarus in the direction of the ports of the Baltic countries will allow the criminal group of Lukashenko and the Russian Federation to establish additional financing of their repressive apparatus by bypassing sanctions, increasing the supply of smuggling, drugs and cigarettes.


In the case of implementing such a scenario in Belarus, repression against citizens will be strengthened within the country, the conditions for the detention of political prisoners will worsen. Financial opportunities will appear for the implementation of threats from the criminal group of Lukashenko regarding the murders and abductions of Belarusian politicians abroad. A similar fact has already occurred in Ukraine in 2016, when opposition journalist Pavel Sheremet was murdered by Belarusian special services.




The regime will also have additional financial possibilities to threaten countries and all the world community. As already occurred in 2021 during the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the European Union, as well as the forced landing of the Ryanair aircraft.

Moreover, this initiative will take a step towards the legitimation and recognition of the citizen Lukashenko A.G. as president of Belarus, which is unacceptable for the democratic community of Belarus.


It should be noted that any agreements with the criminal group of Lukashenko are also agreements with the Russian Federation. This happens behind the backs of people of Belarus, who are fighting for their freedom and independence. Responsibility for the consequences of cooperation with the criminal group of Lukashenko lies with participants in such separate negotiations.


An integral condition for any negotiations with the criminal group of Lukashenko is the unconditional liberation of all political prisoners and cessation of political repressions in Belarus.


It is unacceptable to discuss the fate of Belarus behind the back of the Belarusian people with the criminal group of Lukashenko, who illegally seized power in the country.


We remind you of the right of the people of Belarus to use the principle of Jus Resistendi to free the country from tyranny and from the occupation in a way that fits people of Belarus. This cannot be questioned or limited by anyone.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on this issue. With respect,


Tsepkalo Valery, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1994-1997), Ambassador of Belarus to the United States (1997-2002), Director of the Belarusian High-Tech Park (2005-2017), government expert of the UN Secretary-General in the field of communication and information technologies and information

security (2005), candidate for the presidency of Belarus (2020)              Karach Olga, Director of the International Center for Civic Initiatives "Our House", Belarus


Tsepkalo Veronika, head of the Belarusian Women's Fund, laureate of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought (2020), Martin Luther Fearless Word Prize (2021), Charlemagne Prize (2022)               Shibarshina Lyubov, Deputy Director of MCGI OUR HOUSE (Poland)




Vilsky Evgeny, Deputy Chairman of the party "Narodnaya Hramada" Kotau Anatol, Belarusian Democracy Forum

Representatives of the People's Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Spain     Komissarova Irina Vyacheslavovna, Belarusian diaspora in Warsaw

Savyuk Vitaliy Ivanovich, Public Movement "Country For Life", Head               Kucherov Michael, Згуртаванне Беларусаў Люксембурга

Schindler Natalia, Belarusian Diaspora in Austria      Alexander Grechishnikov, Chairman of the Board of the Youth Public Association "Berserk".

Baitasov Rakhmetolla Rakhimzhanovich, Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor, author of textbooks "Personnel Management", "Management of Investment Activities", etc.   Harachka Natalia Ivanovna, Human Rights Defender, head of the Civil Initiative Mother of the Military

Oleksandr Karpovich, "Zhyvi" Dyrektar Foundation Dmitrenok Vadim Gennadievich, Mutual Financial Aid Cooperative "B4B", representative of the Latvian diaspora

Afanasev Kirill, QA Lab   Kirill T., Chief Engineer

Bartkevičius Valdas, "Our House"  Kislova Larisa Vladimirovna, Pensioner

Belarus Good People Band              Klyuchnik Tatyana Ivanovna, Medical worker

Cichanau Maksim, Chancellor, Public Movement "ACTION" Kozak Sergey Vladimirovich, Worker

Gokhman Mihail, Global Belarus - Co-founder (California)    Kozlov Alexey Pavlovich, postgraduate student, for the freedom of Ukraine and Belarus

Haroška Taćciana, pensioner           Kolesova Alena, Activist, former railway workers, TG-channel Transport of the Republic of Belarus

Jonas Pocius, retired           Yuriy Kopylov, Engineer "BELARUSKALI"

Katkouskaia Galina, Educational psychologist            Korneeva Olga, MD

Khazin Ruslan, BUT          Kostevich Nina

Kolegova Nataliya, Vsi Dapamoga Lt, директор       Kotovich Olga Aleksandrovna, Fundacjia Żyvi

Kyznecov Dmitry, TAPAS               Krukovskaya Tatyana Alekseevna

Maiseyeu Aleh, Freedom People     Kuryan Iryna Genadzena, Pension

Makaroff Zmicer, engineer               Kukharenko Anzhelika Vladimirovna, Engineer, OAONaftan

Malachowskaja Natalia, independent researcher         Mr. Vladimir Laptsevich, Freelance journalist

Mechanikau A     Mr. Valeriy Lukashik, Engineer, IT company




Mialko Pavel       Elizaveta Lykova, Belarusian diaspora in Italy

Mikita, The Deputy Director of The Prod.mag.           Maksim Sergeevich

Mochan T N, pensioner     Malevich Natalia

Piatrova Iryna, activist       Malkin Anton, Activist

Pinchuk Aleh, Design engineer, Belaruskali Maria, pensioner

Pliuto Alena, seamstress   Markevich Jelena Valerievna, Vice-President of the Foundation "ŻYVI"

Sabko Dzianis, Lex Nostra Foundation         Milyunets Angela, Press Secretary of the President of the Foundation "New Land" Igor Makar

Sidarok Dzianis, Technoreshenieservis/head of sales department          Mitskevych Ales, dysigner

Stalbou Dzmitry, Association for International Aid and Support to Belarus/ Founder       Thinknik Leonid Leontevich, Student

Sviatkina Alena   Natalia, Driver

Alexey, programmer          Natalia, Associate

Alfer Vladimir Alekseevich, IP       Noschyk Pavel Vatslavovich, Malyar, Birbud

Alyaksandr S., Pragramist Olga, teacher

Anastasia, Bezhenets         Mr. Vitaliy Ostrovsky, Private Entrepreneur

Antonenko Tatyana Viktorovna, Doctor       Parkhimovich Olga Vladimirovna, LLC "Bona Food" Chief Accountant

Elena Aplevich, Human Rights Defender, ICGI Our House     Parkhots Sergey Vladimirovich, Electrician, poultry farm

Bella Fox, Radio Presenter/ LRT    Pashkovich Olga Fedorovna, Artisan of Belarusian Traditions

Dmitry Bolkunets, Political Analyst              Penkovsky Igor Vladimirovich, Teacher

Borodich Sergey, SKHOD                Petrenko Irina Georgievna, Guide, refugee from Ukraine

Bocharov Vadim Aleksandrovich, Architect Petrovskaya Olga Arturovna, freelancer

Brovko Alexander Ivanovich, Former employee Bus Depot 5 Vileyka  Pisarik Dmitry

Bubnova Elizaveta Viktorovna       Proshkina Antonina Ivanovna, Pensioner

Yalko Andrej, Mastak       Mr. Sergey Prudnikov, Entrepreneur

Volkov Vadim Vasilevich Radovnya Natalia Alekseevna, Sales Specialist

Вротен Нина, Web dev    Rach Svetlana, Social Department, Minsk

Vyacheslav Kh, Worker    Olga Rogalevich, Customer Service Specialist




Gaponik Andrey Mihaylovich         Rodenko Vladimir Ivanovich, Individual

Dmitry Petrov, Representative of the Belarusian Diaspora in Russia     Alexey Romanov, Engineer

Goylik Natalya Pavlovna Rudkovskiy Evgeniy Viktorovich, Self- employed

Golov Pavel Vladimirovich, IP        Sarakavik Igar Dzmitryevich, Gramadzianin Belarusi

Danovsky Leonid Vladimirovich, Pensioner Svetlana Ovchinnikova, Economist

Dzmitry Sh., Vaiskovy pensiyaner Slizhova Alla

                Starchenko Yuriy Iosifovich

Diagel Natalia Yurievna,   Surovegin, Pensioner

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Manager               Syargei, Typist

Elena, clerk          Titorovich Vyacheslav Alexandrovich, SpurIT UAB / Project Manager

Epishko Vyacheslav, SKHOD          Valentin Trotsky, People's Gramada Party, activist

Zhukovich Alena, mother, sister, wife, friend, citizen of the Republic of Belarus               Tulko Vitaliy Frantsevich

Zhukovskaya Elena, Associate        Ustimenko Anna

Zhukovsky Aleksey Nikolaevich     Ustimenko Vladimir Ilyich

Zorko Natalia Valerievna, Fedorov Vadim Vladimirovich, Driver, UZHREP, Grodno

Zorko Natalya Valerievna, RUE "Belmedpreparaty", dosing machine  Khvoynitskaya Irina Mikhailovna

Zubyalevich Vitaly Zigmundovich, Researcher, UCC               Horton Vera, BelDiasporaTV presenter

Vitaly Ivanov, Parason Initiative    Khromchenkova Kalina

Ivanov Pavel Yurievich, entrepreneur            Shpygun Olga Andreevna

Ilyenkov Kirill Sergeevich, Student of BSU Shchapyotkina Tamara, journalist Belaruskaga Radye Ratsia

Ilyasevich Oksana Anatol'evna       Shcherbakovash Roza, Housewife

Kavaljchuk Raman Antonavich, Ushodne- Eðrapejski Strathegichn      Shcherbinin Kirill, diaspora in Odessa

Kienya Galina Anatolievna, pensioner          Yatsevich Aleksandr Viktorovich, SKHOD

and others...